Neil Young Talks ‘Effortless’ New LP With Promise of the Real

Neil Young is nearly finished with his 37th album as a solo artist, working in a Malibu studio with his newest collaborators, Promise of the Real. “I’m very happy with what I’m doing,” Young told Rolling Stone this week. “I don’t know what its place is in the world, but I like it.”


The album is his second studio project with the band fronted by Micah and Lukas Nelson, sons of Willie. Last year’s The Monsanto Years was an electrified protest album that reached Number 21 on the Billboard Top 200. Young called the making of the new album “a very rewarding process.” It will be released in June.

“I feel really good and amped and energized. And I feel like I’m doing something that I’ve never done before,” Young said. “It’s not just music. It’s a soundscape. It’s kind of like flying around listening to things with your eyes closed.”

“Effortless” is how Young described his ongoing work with Promise of the Real, during an onstage interview with Cameron

Kamasi Washington on American Music Prize Win, Kendrick at the Grammys

Listeners who have long wondered why the U.K. gets to use the annual Mercury Prize as an excuse to celebrate some innovative, recent recording of note, while America is stuck with the Grammys, are about to be vindicated. Organizers behind this year’s inaugural American Music Prize have banded together to give a gaggle of handpicked U.S. critics and judges (including Rolling Stone’s Nathan Brackett and David Fricke) the chance to honor an artist who will receive a résumé-boosting garland — as well as a $25,000 cash prize.


The hook for the stateside contest is that it’s meant to award the best debut album of the foregoing year. The 2016 prize has been given to saxophonist-composer Kamasi Washington and his 2015 triple-CD odyssey, The Epic, which was the first jazz release to cross over to mainstream music audiences in some time. (It also holds the No. 41 slot on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2015 list.) The Epic beat out 11 other strong AMP nominees, including Chris Stapleton’s Traveller, Leon Bridges’ Coming Home, Shamir’s Ratchet and Tweedy’s Sukierae.

The possibility of a breakout year for Washington was primed, in part, by the

Guns N’ Roses Tap Alice in Chains for Las Vegas Shows

Alice in Chains will open for Guns N’ Roses during the first two dates of the band’s highly anticipated reunion. The pair of hard rock groups will join forces at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena on April 8th and 9th, one week before GN’R headlines Coachella.

Though Guns N’ Roses have been actively touring in recent years, singer Axl Rose has been the only member of the original lineup to remain in the group. The reunion this year marks the return of guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan, who both had high-profile feuds with Rose following their respective departures.

Guitarist Izzy Stradlin, who co-founded the group in 1985 with childhood friend Rose, was the first member of the classic lineup to comment on the reunion, telling Rolling Stone that he has “no involvement” in the live shows or potential new music. He did not expand on why he would not participate.

The Las Vegas dates will take place just before the 14th anniversary of Alice in Chains’ singer Layne Staley’s death. The band reformed in 2006 with singer William

Considerations When Applying for Bad Credit Loans

Having a bad credit commonly can be a bad thing that can make you’re your loans get failed, especially if you apply for the loans to a bank. The bank lender will absolutely refuse your loan application once they have known that you have a bad credit record. Luckily, there are so many various loan providers that are available for you now. Almost all of them will be able to offer you the notable fast and easy service that can excite you the best way. So then, you can get the extra cash that you really need to pay your emergency expense well. However, in case you are so interested in applying for the bad credit loans you can visit, there are some considerations that you cannot ignore but you can find out below.

The other thing that you cannot forget when you want to apply for the bad credit loans is the loan provider itself. In this case, it is so much important for you to make sure that the loan provider you are going to choose is the reliable one. So then, it will never lead you to an awful deception that

Private Piano Lessons Singapore

You notice, the piano is an outstanding tool that is loved via humans of every age. Folks that analyze and play the piano comes from every age too. In case you are seeking out a devoted piano trainer who can teach grownup piano lessons, we allow you to.

From our revel in, we have obtained enquiries from adults who need to start non-public piano training because of the various motives:

  • learn to play their preferred songs at the piano
  • learn to play piano as a interest
  • learn how to play piano together with their children
  • gambling the piano is listed as one among their lifestyles desires
  • learn how to play a love tune on their wedding day
  • They need to gain their private dreams of taking graded song exams
  • They certainly love piano tune.

whatever your desire is, relaxation confident that our piano instructors might be able to fulfil them.

At my home studio, I teach piano training to students of age 5 upwards from novices to diploma stage, with maximum students in better grades.  I also experience teaching a few committed households with a few kids taking lessons at their houses on weekday mornings.

A committed piano trainer

Find Out How Playing Music to Your Unborn Baby Can Have Lasting Effects on It

Did you know that playing music to your unborn baby could have lasting effects on it? According to the experts, a foetus hears many sounds from the outside world. However, there is a type of noise that captures the baby’s attention most from moms-to-be is music. Although the actual impact of prenatal exposure to Mozart and Bach is yet to be established, initial research seems to show that your unborn baby may possibly enjoy and somewhat benefit from a daily dose of music.

Sounds inside the womb
A baby can start hearing sounds at around 17 weeks’ pregnancy. This is usually about the time the mother begins to feel the initial small flutters of movement and before the baby’s sex can be clearly known. The baby’s heartbeat will accelerate in reaction to sounds originating from outside the womb, including music by the 26th week. At 33 weeks’ gestation, babies have been detected breathing in step with music, which is an indication of their awareness of the beat. By the time the baby is 38 weeks, it responds differently to different genres of music, by showing various rates of foetal movement.

The mother-to-be should be careful

Marrying Yourself Positive Songs, Positive Music And New Marriage

Chante Moore is known for love songs which are seen as positive songs by listeners all over the globe. Hits like “Chante’s Got A Man” are balanced by her large repertoire of mellow songs. Some positive music, including one (and possibly more) of Chante’s love songs, can be used in weddings and commitment ceremonies. Those songs are relaxing and ideal for ceremony. The type of marriage involved has typically featured a couple. Chante broke new ground when debuting on a reality show and deciding to marry herself. The act was documented on the television show; it represented the theme of a book which was released around the same time period.

Her book was marketed as a source of self-love material. Positive songs about romantic love provide the perfect opportunity to describe how self-love is important. By writing this material, Chante merged the romance with wisdom and the music. While we can’t all marry ourselves on a network television show, Chante’s example showed that positive music and its’ singers don’t have to stick to the status quo. And, in fact, if they have something interesting and informative to share, they will often depart from the status quo

Positive Songs and Popular MusicPositive Songs and Popular Music Hear Her Roar Hear Her Roar

Katy Perry’s “Roar” is a popular anthem, similar to many positive songs which talk about rising past adversity. In this tune, Perry is challenging the barriers placed in front of her: suggesting that the listener can do the same. Perry’s words point to someone whose personal expression has been silenced by oppression. Past a certain point, the singer becomes capable of rising to the challenge, defeating those barriers and expressing herself freely. The decision to roar, to rise in anger or simply to rise with the intent to be bold about what she represents is clear.

The singer shares positive music themes with lines like, “You hear my voice, you hear the sound! Like thunder gonna shake the ground.” In another line, the singer claims to be a butterfly, then a bee. Each line signifies her decision to fly, sting, drive the road that she travels.

The base in this song drives it forward. Synthesizers follow the rhythms brought by those first drops of beat. Real drums and higher toned instruments enter. Katy’s voice compliments it all with a rhythmic flow repeating the lyrics: “You held me down, but I got up.” The chorus is

What Is the Most Popular Question I Get Asked As a Wedding DJ

When people meet with me, they have many questions because, often times, they’ve never done this before (interviewing a DJ for a wedding). When you’re a guest at a wedding, you approach it differently than as the host. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:

How long should my wedding be?

Sometimes the answer to this question is dictated by the venue; One popular spot in this area only allows 4.5 hour rentals total (not counting time to setup), most likely due to the fact that there is a curfew in that town. However, other venues practice a “pay to play” approach, which is almost a charge-by-the-hour arrangement. Nonetheless, your DJ and other vendors likely are contracted with a certain start and end time. How do you know what that should be?

The first thing to think about, as far as hiring a DJ, is if he/she will be playing the ceremony as well as the reception. Most ceremonies last 30 minutes tops, not counting if you have any prelude music as guests are entering and being seated.

After the ceremony, while the newlyweds are whisked away by the photographer,

Young T eaching Old What Politicians Can Learn From Music, Education and Medical Fields

Perhaps the most important outcome of the computer age is the reliance of older people to learn from the young. By examining various aspects of society during the first decade and a half of the 21st century, one can clearly see the trend of younger folks teaching their elders.

Nowhere is this practice more evident than in the music business. Just a month ago, veteran rocker Chrissy Hynde released her first solo album at age 62. Her choice of using 39 year old Bjorn Yttling as her producer could not have been better. The younger producer brings in a fresh approach along with a more developed understanding of technology, which teamed with Hynde’s long experience form the perfect combination. The result is Stockholm, the year’s best album so far.

Another music veteran took the same approach ten years ago, when 72 year old Loretta Lynn paired herself in the studio with 29 year old a Jack White. Together, the two made Van Lear Rose, one of Rolling Stone’s top albums of that year.

Four years later Roky Erickson, a 62 year old rock veteran, joined Okkervil River’s Wil Sheff to record a comeback album

The Healing Qualities Of Music

Recent studies have confirmed what some experts have believed for many years – music has healing powers. The proliferation of diseases, especially the chronic and terminal type, demands that humanity looks for solutions from all viable sources. This quest explains the growth of the alternative medicine industry. Admittedly, there are still many health complications that baffle doctors. There are no cures for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. In almost every community, there are terminally ill people, waiting to die any minute. Many of these are isolated in homes, or taken and abandoned in hospices. For such unfortunate persons, music can bring relief and healing even as doctors continue to search for a permanent cure.

Studies show that music helps to assuage pain. Pain is one of the most dreadful aspects of disease. Pharmaceutical companies discovered this fact a long time ago and created pain-killers. Consequently, every time one feels some throbbing in any part of the body, the natural tendency is to ask for a pain-killer. Music is a priceless but effective method of alleviating pain. Patients listening to music experience quick relief from pain than those who don’t. Next time you experience headache, try

The Key Elements That Make Up Good Guitar Phrasing – Part One

Being able to play awesome guitar solos at will is a goal of many guitar players. However, in reality many guitarists will never gain this ability because they exclusively focus on training their technique while ignoring guitar phrasing skills. Don’t fall into this same trap! If you truly want to play great solos, you need to master the skill of playing just ONE really awesome note. Once you can do this on command, you can expand to play two, three, five, ten notes… until every note in every guitar solo you play sounds BADASS!

Being great at guitar phrasing means being able to clearly communicate your thoughts and emotions as you play – similar to how you would have a verbal conversation with someone to express yourself. You’ll never get the attention of your listeners by speaking in a monotone voice, and this same concept applies when it comes to your guitar playing as well. You must learn how to use various phrasing nuances to express yourself with only one note if needed, and more notes in other situations. The most important thing to understand about phrasing is HOW you play your notes (not the notes

Interview With Richard Hilton, Musical Arranger and Keyboardist From Chic


The best things about playing in CHIC include getting to make music with some of the finest musicians I’ve ever known, including the band we’ve had for the past five years, and getting the opportunity to share in the happiness of the audience. I’ve also gotten to see a lot of really amazing places that I’d likely never have seen otherwise.


The rigors of travel, which are at an all-time high these days.


I started working with Nile in March of 1988. I had been interviewing for about two years for a number of different jobs with a company called “New England Digital” that made a proprietary computer music instrument called the Synclavier. They never did hire me, but when Nile Rodgers called them (being a user of their instrument) asking about a qualified programmer who could play keyboards, they kindly recommended me and that was it, I was in.


Singing For Seniors Lifting Hearts, Minds, and Spirits With Music For The Soul

I have been on the spiritual path for as long as I can remember. I began singing when I was about five, then progressed into the church and school choirs, trios and solos. Afterward, I pursued my professional life and returned to music in the early 1990s. I eventually began doing guest musical appearances at various churches around Western Oregon in 1999. And I have been singing off and on, mostly on, ever since. It is my joy, my calling, my best work.

Today, I delight in presenting inspirational and spiritual music to residents of retirement communities, senior centers, and senior community events, especially those on a budget who still would appreciate a good musical program for a fair cost. I create all the music in my own studio. I do the instruments, the back-up vocals, and production; then I burn it to CD and sing along with myself, including harmonies. (I often have spiritual epiphanies while creating new music. I’m pretty sure those experiences find their way into the words and lyrics.)

You, the audience, can expect an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes of music, banter, and lots of interaction, laughter and

Care and Maintenance of Student Violins – Violin Parts

Part of the joy of teaching violin students to play is to teach them how to properly care for their instrument, whether leased or owned. Properly caring for an instrument is as important an exercise as learning to play. In fact, each task goes hand in hand.

Below is a summary of care and maintenance of specific parts of the violin:

The Violin Bridge

The bridge is a delicate but vital part of the violin and is, along with the sound post, the soul of the instrument and it’s sound. Because it is so delicate, it is more apt to become broken or warped in the hands of a student. Because the violin bridge is held in place by the tension of the strings, it is affected by tuning from both sides of the violin, the fine tuners and the peg tuners.

The thing to remember is that the bridge should always be straight and perpendicular to the surface of the instrument. Too much tension from the pegs and/or fine tuners will bend the bridge. When this happens, keeping the feet in place, a parent or teacher should carefully put pressure on the

Intermediate and Student Violins From Snow

Over the years, many luthiers have traveled from China to Europe to learn the fine art of violinmaking from reputable schools in Germany, France and Italy. Some of the more highly trained and talented violinmakers set up workshops where they created quality instruments and trained new makers. One of these luthiers was Xueping Hu, founder of the Snow workshop in Beijing, China.

Though Snow is noted for its violins, the workshop also produces other handcrafted stringed instruments including violas, cellos and basses. As his six-worker shop grew into more than seventy craftsmen, Xueping Hu and his brother set up Snow Stringed Instruments, a wholesale company whose purpose was to distribute to retailers instruments hand-crafted solely in the Beijing workshop.

Snow’s produces a line of violins categorized into four types: basic, advanced, professional and performance. Most are based on Strad & Guarneri models. The basic models are high quality student violins to lower intermediate violins that retail from between $1,200 and $1,700 depending on whether a player orders a SV200, SV300 or SV400 model. Perfect for students, all SV models sound warm and resonant and are antiqued with hand-rubbed varnish and feature a top made of

The Five Elements Needed For Music Industry Success

You are about to learn the five critical elements that have fueled the success of all great musicians’ careers. Until you possess these key elements for yourself, it will be nearly impossible for you to reach your musical dreams and build a successful career in the music business.

Read below to discover these five key elements and take action on the information you learn:

Music Career Success Key #1 – Don’t Set Realistic Goals

All of the most well-known and successful musicians did not achieve their goals by thinking realistically about what seemed possible. On the contrary, they focused their mind like a laser ONLY on what they truly wanted. When you make your goals in line with the things you want most, you will be much more motivated to actually achieve them. More on this in a moment…

Think about this – out of the following choices, which choice would inspire you to put all your time and energy into growing a music career?:

  1. Making a recording of a demo with a band and possibly playing a few shows around town.


  1. Writing chart topping songs for a

Cello Accessories for the Beginning Player

If your child is just starting out as a student cellist, you’ve most likely rented him or her a cello. Or if your child joined the school orchestra, he or she is using a student cello provided by the school. And if you were reasonably sure that your child is committed to playing, you might have purchased a student cello from a local violin shop. Whichever the scenario, unless the school has provided all that your child needs, you’ll find yourself needing to purchase a basic set of cello accessories.

You may find online stores and shops with special “cello chairs” that they claim is “essential to good cello playing”. You’ll find cello stands and cello bow cases, but those pieces of equipment are not required for beginning student cellists.

The accessories that are important are typically not very expensive. Items such as cello strings, cello rosin, humidifiers, metronomes and tuners are accessories worth investing in in order to provide your child with best learning experience possible.

The proper cello strings are vital for a beginning student. You will find strings made of steel, gut and synthetic core, but most cellists prefer steel strings.

The Hunting Party Linkin Park Review 2014

If you’re like me, you can’t believe that Linkin Park just released their sixth studio album, well, technically it releases on June 17, 2014. I was fortunate enough to obtain a copy early of The Hunting Party by Linkin Park in order to provide this review. As an early adult I remember rocking out to songs such as “Numb”, “Breaking the Habit”,”Papercut” and “One Step Closer”. In fact, a lot of people did as Hybrid Theory and Meteora sold over a total of 15 million copies in the US alone since 2000. More recently they released Minutes to Midnight in 2007, A Thousand Suns in 2010, and Living Things in 2012.

Mike Shinoda described this album as being “Visceral” and stated on his blog recently that he wrote this record due to the fact that people were losing faith in rock music. Supposedly, he threw out the softer demos and took on the challenge of saving the genre of rock that has unquestionably gone downhill as of late. “Why can’t Linkin Park go back to the heavy guitars, scratching, screaming and rapping,” asked everyone on the internet. Well, our persistent complaining has finally paid off, besides

Adjusting The Neck And Truss Rod Of Your Guitar

The Importance of a Properly Adjusted Neck

One of the more difficult things to adjust by yourself on a guitar is adjusting the neck, it is also one where you can do actual damage to the guitar if you’re not careful. Most electric and acoustic guitars are reinforced with a metal truss rod, which runs the length of the neck, One end of the truss rod will be secured by a seating bolt, and the other end will usually have an Allen wrench socket. Some older guitars may be fitted for a Philips head screwdriver.

There are two things which can go wrong when making this adjustment, but if you go carefully they can be easily avoided. The first is over tightening the rod, which either breaks the rod or wrings the seating bolt out. The second is loosening the truss rod too much so it comes completely unscrewed from the seating bolt. If this happens, it is extremely hard to get the rod re-seated into the seating bolt.

A properly adjusted neck is essential for a well playing guitar, and all the other procedures for getting your guitar in the best playing condition