Positive Songs and Popular MusicPositive Songs and Popular Music Hear Her Roar Hear Her Roar

Katy Perry’s “Roar” is a popular anthem, similar to many positive songs which talk about rising past adversity. In this tune, Perry is challenging the barriers placed in front of her: suggesting that the listener can do the same. Perry’s words point to someone whose personal expression has been silenced by oppression. Past a certain point, the singer becomes capable of rising to the challenge, defeating those barriers and expressing herself freely. The decision to roar, to rise in anger or simply to rise with the intent to be bold about what she represents is clear.

The singer shares positive music themes with lines like, “You hear my voice, you hear the sound! Like thunder gonna shake the ground.” In another line, the singer claims to be a butterfly, then a bee. Each line signifies her decision to fly, sting, drive the road that she travels.

The base in this song drives it forward. Synthesizers follow the rhythms brought by those first drops of beat. Real drums and higher toned instruments enter. Katy’s voice compliments it all with a rhythmic flow repeating the lyrics: “You held me down, but I got up.” The chorus is just as momentous, “I got the eye of a tiger..dancing through the fire, ’cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!”

In the music video, Katy appears in a desolate jungle at the scene of a crash, lost and confused. Next, enters a second stranded person, ready to lead her straight into destruction. Once alone, she faces frightening encounters. And in the midst of it, the roaring begins. With more roaring, the scenery changes. Suddenly, the world is more her own. She’s dressed as you expect a person native to the jungle to dress. And when encountering a potential predator, she turns him into a docile puppy through use of her own dynamic roar. Donning her necklace, he is now one of loyal attendees: her companions in the once desolate, now alive, jungle.

Positive songs that focus on bravery and facing challenges are growing in number. As they are written, songwriters may find it helpful to refer to conventional tunes for inspiration. Challenging adversity may not always be difficult, and it may not always be smart, but when you are shown you’re chance to roar, inspiring positive music may help. And popular tunes may motivate you to scream your little heart out: making the jungle your kingdom.

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