Considerations When Applying for Bad Credit Loans

Having a bad credit commonly can be a bad thing that can make you’re your loans get failed, especially if you apply for the loans to a bank. The bank lender will absolutely refuse your loan application once they have known that you have a bad credit record. Luckily, there are so many various loan providers that are available for you now. Almost all of them will be able to offer you the notable fast and easy service that can excite you the best way. So then, you can get the extra cash that you really need to pay your emergency expense well. However, in case you are so interested in applying for the bad credit loans you can visit, there are some considerations that you cannot ignore but you can find out below.

The other thing that you cannot forget when you want to apply for the bad credit loans is the loan provider itself. In this case, it is so much important for you to make sure that the loan provider you are going to choose is the reliable one. So then, it will never lead you to an awful deception that can damage you so bad. Then, it is also a must for you to choose the loan providers that can offer you the most affordable rates of interest like You have to do this in order to reduce the huge debts that you have to repay to the lender. So then, the loans will never be the heavy burden that can make your financial condition become worse in the future.

Actually, there are several things that you have to really consider when you want to apply for the bad credit loans, which are: The first thing of all, it is so much necessary for you to consider about the local laws and rules related to the bad credit loan application that have been stated in your region. It will be so much better for you to know and understand them well before you apply for the loans to the lender. By doing so, you will get all of the information that you are going to need when you want to get the extra cash, which can be ranging from the rates of the interest  to the limitation of the loans. So, you can know what you can really expect from the bad credit loan provider in your state you live in.

Second, you have to know that the bad credit loan provider cannot give you the extra cash in huge amounts directly when you apply for the loans for the first time still. In this case, you will receive the small amount of money from the lender until you have done 2 to 3 granted short term loans. Tis particular does not mean that you cannot borrow the bigger amount of money from this loan provider. You actually can still borrow much more money through the loans as long as you can convince the lender by paying your previous debts off on the right time.

Private Piano Lessons Singapore

You notice, the piano is an outstanding tool that is loved via humans of every age. Folks that analyze and play the piano comes from every age too. In case you are seeking out a devoted piano trainer who can teach grownup piano lessons, we allow you to.

From our revel in, we have obtained enquiries from adults who need to start non-public piano training because of the various motives:

  • learn to play their preferred songs at the piano
  • learn to play piano as a interest
  • learn how to play piano together with their children
  • gambling the piano is listed as one among their lifestyles desires
  • learn how to play a love tune on their wedding day
  • They need to gain their private dreams of taking graded song exams
  • They certainly love piano tune.

whatever your desire is, relaxation confident that our piano instructors might be able to fulfil them.

At my home studio, I teach piano training to students of age 5 upwards from novices to diploma stage, with maximum students in better grades.  I also experience teaching a few committed households with a few kids taking lessons at their houses on weekday mornings.

A committed piano trainer seeing that 2001, i’m passionate about each tune and coaching.  My aim is to help college students revel in song via refining piano approach and musical expression in a scientific and effective way.

Track Programmes:

The studio has an all-rounded track programme proposing:

  1. customised character piano and principle instructions concept lessons

  1. organization occasions and classes
  2. performance possibilities

The  coaching ambitions to broaden college students who are musically all-rounded and enjoy tune, not just able to play the piano or pass assessments. It also pursuits to offer ample possibility to super college students to excel in song.

Lesson agendas:

private piano lesson Singapore are carried out on weekdays earlier than 7.30pm at Toa Payoh.

Track idea is taught as part of the person lesson from grades 1 to five.  Because of the depth and breadth of information required in better grade concept tests, concept lessons for grades 6 to 8 are taught one after the other.

Group occasions and instructions:

All college students are given possibilities to carry out for others and to share their tune.  This motivates college students to work in the direction of sensible desires and trains them to perform expectantly.

Lesson evaluation:

students starting lessons need to have an acoustic piano and convey a longer term view to piano learning.  Please sense loose to enquire must you want any assist.

  1. Novice Piano instructions:

newbie lessons attention on constructing musicality, technical facility and rapport with the student.  A sturdy basis in sight reading and listening is also constructed from the earliest classes.

Typically, instructions are fun and interactive with many one of a kind activities in the lesson time.  Dad and mom of younger kids can also take a seat in to take notes and follow up with the children among training.

  1. Mid-Grade instructions:

at the mid grades, essential reading abilities are strengthened whilst developing piano method needed for the approaching better grades.  Playing a wide kind of pieces lets in college students to be proficient in more than a few musical patterns.

III. Higher Grade classes:

college students revel in extra depth of coaching in musical expression and artistry whilst keeping pace with technical needs.

For those who enjoy technical problems due to the demands of the superior repertoire, I work with them through each venture in a scientific and affected person manner.

If you are experiencing undue anxiety and issue at this stage, you can want a few assist to get it corrected.

A few skills wished for playing properly at a complicated level consist of:

1.properly finger electricity

2.appropriate hand shape

3.comfortable technique turns

5.various tone coloration

6.shaping terms

7.feeling the mood

8.skilful pedalling


Find Out How Playing Music to Your Unborn Baby Can Have Lasting Effects on It

Did you know that playing music to your unborn baby could have lasting effects on it? According to the experts, a foetus hears many sounds from the outside world. However, there is a type of noise that captures the baby’s attention most from moms-to-be is music. Although the actual impact of prenatal exposure to Mozart and Bach is yet to be established, initial research seems to show that your unborn baby may possibly enjoy and somewhat benefit from a daily dose of music.

Sounds inside the womb
A baby can start hearing sounds at around 17 weeks’ pregnancy. This is usually about the time the mother begins to feel the initial small flutters of movement and before the baby’s sex can be clearly known. The baby’s heartbeat will accelerate in reaction to sounds originating from outside the womb, including music by the 26th week. At 33 weeks’ gestation, babies have been detected breathing in step with music, which is an indication of their awareness of the beat. By the time the baby is 38 weeks, it responds differently to different genres of music, by showing various rates of foetal movement.

The mother-to-be should be careful about the kind of music she chooses during pregnancy. She ought to choose more relaxing music and avoid any type of music that evokes negative feelings such as anger or violence, comprising of heavy metal, hard rock, or rap. Besides, any kind of music played very loudly can overstimulate the foetus or even harm its developing ear.

A pregnant woman can use music as a means of influencing her thoughts and moods positively. She should listen to music which calms her, and content or music which lifts her spirits in moments of low emotional states. For instance, soft instrumental music, classical music, easy-listening or nature’s sounds have such a calming effect on the mother-to-be. In fact, they have been known to lessen feelings of worry, stress, and depression that may be experienced during pregnancy. The soothing effect of music is felt by the foetus, too, and can last even after the baby is born. Studies have revealed that several babies can identify music that they heard while in the womb and will be calmed by it later in life!

Sounds travel via the amniotic fluid and the foetus hears them in the 5th month of pregnancy, when its ears are fully developed. However, even before the sense of hearing is fully developed, vibrations and frequencies can affect the foetus. Each sound has a vibration that the foetus can feel on the fainter levels of its being.

Brain development takes place mostly during the foetal stage of life; this is why exposure to particular types of music is believed to boost brain development. It is thought that if a mother listens to classical music during pregnancy, the baby’s learning aptitude, memory, as well as vocal communication are enhanced after delivery and during its entire life

Marrying Yourself Positive Songs, Positive Music And New Marriage

Chante Moore is known for love songs which are seen as positive songs by listeners all over the globe. Hits like “Chante’s Got A Man” are balanced by her large repertoire of mellow songs. Some positive music, including one (and possibly more) of Chante’s love songs, can be used in weddings and commitment ceremonies. Those songs are relaxing and ideal for ceremony. The type of marriage involved has typically featured a couple. Chante broke new ground when debuting on a reality show and deciding to marry herself. The act was documented on the television show; it represented the theme of a book which was released around the same time period.

Her book was marketed as a source of self-love material. Positive songs about romantic love provide the perfect opportunity to describe how self-love is important. By writing this material, Chante merged the romance with wisdom and the music. While we can’t all marry ourselves on a network television show, Chante’s example showed that positive music and its’ singers don’t have to stick to the status quo. And, in fact, if they have something interesting and informative to share, they will often depart from the status quo at some point: sharing information that is seen as marginal and uncommon.

Another artist willing to break the mold, Queen Latifah, went through a similar theme in her life. In past songs, Latifah has advocated for more respect for women and more unity among people as a whole. In her past appearance on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Latifah expressed that she was currently discovering and loving herself day by day. She described the unique move while wearing a wedding ring, which she was asked about by the show’s host. Latifah’s comments would suggest allegiance with a similar theme in the self-love community- real love begins with self-love.

Music can be a motivating. Backing up the positive songs with action can increase the effectiveness. When you’re reaching for relationship happiness, and lowering your standards, this can mean you will have to talk yourself into things- instead of being completely clear on sincerity, you have to ask questions, repeatedly play devil’s advocate, to turn away from the internal pulls which signal problems.

Positive music and can help us remember how we are supposed to be treated and treat others. And unique methods, like self-love marriage, can make it that much harder for us not to follow through with the messages in the music.

C. Catchings, Tina Janelle, uses positive songs and writes positive songs reviews. The author uses personal inspiration and insight to inspire others. Themes include life-design: shaping your dream-life. Learn more on the happyrnb site.

Positive Songs and Popular MusicPositive Songs and Popular Music Hear Her Roar Hear Her Roar

Katy Perry’s “Roar” is a popular anthem, similar to many positive songs which talk about rising past adversity. In this tune, Perry is challenging the barriers placed in front of her: suggesting that the listener can do the same. Perry’s words point to someone whose personal expression has been silenced by oppression. Past a certain point, the singer becomes capable of rising to the challenge, defeating those barriers and expressing herself freely. The decision to roar, to rise in anger or simply to rise with the intent to be bold about what she represents is clear.

The singer shares positive music themes with lines like, “You hear my voice, you hear the sound! Like thunder gonna shake the ground.” In another line, the singer claims to be a butterfly, then a bee. Each line signifies her decision to fly, sting, drive the road that she travels.

The base in this song drives it forward. Synthesizers follow the rhythms brought by those first drops of beat. Real drums and higher toned instruments enter. Katy’s voice compliments it all with a rhythmic flow repeating the lyrics: “You held me down, but I got up.” The chorus is just as momentous, “I got the eye of a tiger..dancing through the fire, ’cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!”

In the music video, Katy appears in a desolate jungle at the scene of a crash, lost and confused. Next, enters a second stranded person, ready to lead her straight into destruction. Once alone, she faces frightening encounters. And in the midst of it, the roaring begins. With more roaring, the scenery changes. Suddenly, the world is more her own. She’s dressed as you expect a person native to the jungle to dress. And when encountering a potential predator, she turns him into a docile puppy through use of her own dynamic roar. Donning her necklace, he is now one of loyal attendees: her companions in the once desolate, now alive, jungle.

Positive songs that focus on bravery and facing challenges are growing in number. As they are written, songwriters may find it helpful to refer to conventional tunes for inspiration. Challenging adversity may not always be difficult, and it may not always be smart, but when you are shown you’re chance to roar, inspiring positive music may help. And popular tunes may motivate you to scream your little heart out: making the jungle your kingdom.

Tina Janelle, or C. Catchings, shares positive songs and positive songs reviews on happyrnb. The author creates lifestyle, happiness and dream-life, ideal life, inspiration.

What Is the Most Popular Question I Get Asked As a Wedding DJ

When people meet with me, they have many questions because, often times, they’ve never done this before (interviewing a DJ for a wedding). When you’re a guest at a wedding, you approach it differently than as the host. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:

How long should my wedding be?

Sometimes the answer to this question is dictated by the venue; One popular spot in this area only allows 4.5 hour rentals total (not counting time to setup), most likely due to the fact that there is a curfew in that town. However, other venues practice a “pay to play” approach, which is almost a charge-by-the-hour arrangement. Nonetheless, your DJ and other vendors likely are contracted with a certain start and end time. How do you know what that should be?

The first thing to think about, as far as hiring a DJ, is if he/she will be playing the ceremony as well as the reception. Most ceremonies last 30 minutes tops, not counting if you have any prelude music as guests are entering and being seated.

After the ceremony, while the newlyweds are whisked away by the photographer, guests enjoy a cocktail hour, followed by the grand entrance of the bride and groom. The reception starts at this point with first dances, toasts, maybe a blessing, then dinner. The amount of time dinner takes is usually dependent on if it’s served or buffet-style and the number of guests, but in most cases, this too lasts no longer than an hour, including any cake cutting, parent dances, and bouquet/garter toss.

Then the dancing gets underway! It’s good to know, though, if your guests are the “dancing crowd” type or not. While some people might want to party until the break of dawn, keep in mind that they have been there most of the day already by this point, and if it’s summer (and if you’re outdoors), they may be hot, tired, and perhaps have a few drinks in them too! While some guests may be staying close by for the night, others will want to hit the road before it gets too late.

With all this mind, you don’t want to overdo the dancing portion of the evening. A great DJ can keep the dance floor packed, but he/she cannot do anything for tired feet and the heat created out there. People get tired, especially the bride and groom after a whirlwind of a day.

There’s nothing worse to me than seeing only a handful of people when the last dance rolls around. This should be the grand finale and send people out with a bang, but when the place is mostly empty at this point, it’s often due to the fact that the reception has gone on too long. “Leave them wanting more” is a motto I like to apply to my DJ sets.

In total, weddings should be between 5-6 hours, the latter amount if there’s a ceremony with prelude music. If the DJ starts right when the ceremony begins, aim for 5.5 hours. No ceremony? Keep it between 4.5 and 5 hours. While most any DJ can play for as long as you want, make your dollar go the distance with keeping the amount of time to a manageable amount for all your guests.

Young T eaching Old What Politicians Can Learn From Music, Education and Medical Fields

Perhaps the most important outcome of the computer age is the reliance of older people to learn from the young. By examining various aspects of society during the first decade and a half of the 21st century, one can clearly see the trend of younger folks teaching their elders.

Nowhere is this practice more evident than in the music business. Just a month ago, veteran rocker Chrissy Hynde released her first solo album at age 62. Her choice of using 39 year old Bjorn Yttling as her producer could not have been better. The younger producer brings in a fresh approach along with a more developed understanding of technology, which teamed with Hynde’s long experience form the perfect combination. The result is Stockholm, the year’s best album so far.

Another music veteran took the same approach ten years ago, when 72 year old Loretta Lynn paired herself in the studio with 29 year old a Jack White. Together, the two made Van Lear Rose, one of Rolling Stone’s top albums of that year.

Four years later Roky Erickson, a 62 year old rock veteran, joined Okkervil River’s Wil Sheff to record a comeback album after nearly three decades of retirement. Any listener of True Love Cast Out All Evil could easily tell that the 36 year old Sheff was able to teach Erickson some of the important technological advances in music, as well as bring a fresh perspective that would have been impossible with a producer of Erickson’s own generation.

Even the most successful songwriter of all time has benefited from the assistance of a much younger producer. Seven years after turning 64, Paul McCartney chose a producer nearly 30 years his junior. The result was the album simply called New which, thanks to the production of 43 year old Giles Martin, was McCartney’s most critically acclaimed album since the 1980s.

More important than the entertainment world, the field of education has also seen improvement when combining the experience of older teachers with the eagerness and technologically-savvy younger colleagues. As a high school instructor for thirty years, I have personally witnessed first hand the improved learning environment in classrooms co-taught by an older and a younger facilitator. Students easily identify with the technology-based instruction from the younger teacher, while at the same time gaining the knowledge imparted by the well-seasoned teacher.

I have seen similar benefits of the combination of youth and experience in medical practices, law firms, churches, and even in sports. Just last year, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series with a perfect mix of youngsters and veterans. Rookie Xavier Bogerts was among the Most Valuable Player candidates, as was the grizzled veteran Davide “Big Papi” Ortiz.

The only aspect of society lacking the necessary interaction between older and younger is in politics. The Supreme Court, perhaps the most powerful governing body in the world, has an average age of about 70. The legislative branch is older than it has ever been, with 60 the average of for senators and 55 for congressmen. Barak Obama has been one of our youngest presidents, but he was still in his late forties when he took office.

The federal government needs to remove the outdated constitutional barriers that prevent young people from political power, especially the current minimum age requirements for senators, representatives and presidents. Those who make the laws for our country should embrace the collaborative efforts of young and old, which have reaped so much success in the areas of music, education, health, and religion. Instead, the median age of our political leaders keeps growing, right along with its degrees of dysfunction.

Every area of American society has seen improvement because of the technology skills of the young and the first hand experience of the older generation, except for politics. Those who govern the country are getting older and more out of touch, so it is no surprise that the government continues to become more and more dysfunctional.

The Healing Qualities Of Music

Recent studies have confirmed what some experts have believed for many years – music has healing powers. The proliferation of diseases, especially the chronic and terminal type, demands that humanity looks for solutions from all viable sources. This quest explains the growth of the alternative medicine industry. Admittedly, there are still many health complications that baffle doctors. There are no cures for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. In almost every community, there are terminally ill people, waiting to die any minute. Many of these are isolated in homes, or taken and abandoned in hospices. For such unfortunate persons, music can bring relief and healing even as doctors continue to search for a permanent cure.

Studies show that music helps to assuage pain. Pain is one of the most dreadful aspects of disease. Pharmaceutical companies discovered this fact a long time ago and created pain-killers. Consequently, every time one feels some throbbing in any part of the body, the natural tendency is to ask for a pain-killer. Music is a priceless but effective method of alleviating pain. Patients listening to music experience quick relief from pain than those who don’t. Next time you experience headache, try music and see the wonders of melodies and beats.

Parkinson’s disease patients also experience better moods and have greater mobility when they listen to music. People suffering from this illness are usually the elderly. Their families undergo a lot of financial and mental agony as they seek to aid patients to live a near-normal life. Music, however, can be used to bring back some life and energy to such individuals. This stems from the fact that music stimulates the brain, where all mobility is coordinated. If you have a Parkinson’s patient, try exposing them to music and you will some transformation.

However, it is important to understand that not all kinds of music will create a healing effect in patients. Different types of music have varying effects on people. It is advisable to let a patient to listen to the type of music he or she likes. The sick person tends to associate music with some experiences. Relatives and friends need to help such patients to make person to identify the right kind of music. Generally, though, soft music with moderate beats tends to have a more powerful impact than fast-paced and loud songs. For example, hymns and blues would be more efficacious in this regard, than hip hop. In the final analysis, though, the music that uplifts the patient’s mood and engenders positive thinking and attitude has the greatest healing effect.

The Key Elements That Make Up Good Guitar Phrasing – Part One

Being able to play awesome guitar solos at will is a goal of many guitar players. However, in reality many guitarists will never gain this ability because they exclusively focus on training their technique while ignoring guitar phrasing skills. Don’t fall into this same trap! If you truly want to play great solos, you need to master the skill of playing just ONE really awesome note. Once you can do this on command, you can expand to play two, three, five, ten notes… until every note in every guitar solo you play sounds BADASS!

Being great at guitar phrasing means being able to clearly communicate your thoughts and emotions as you play – similar to how you would have a verbal conversation with someone to express yourself. You’ll never get the attention of your listeners by speaking in a monotone voice, and this same concept applies when it comes to your guitar playing as well. You must learn how to use various phrasing nuances to express yourself with only one note if needed, and more notes in other situations. The most important thing to understand about phrasing is HOW you play your notes (not the notes themselves). Here are the three critical guitar phrasing elements that truly great guitarists possess:


Vibrato technique is very personal to the guitarist using it, so it is crucial that you create your own unique playing style with this element. Contrary to what many guitarists think, vibrato requires years of practice to perfect (both technically and stylistically). To get started playing with good vibrato for yourself, think about how you want to hear it played. Listen to how vibrato is used by your favorite guitarists whenever they are playing solos. Then go online and find videos of these guitarists playing live, so you can see how they move their hands to create vibrato. Next, do your best to imitate their style in your playing. Eventually, you will begin developing your own style (as you mix together the different styles of your favorite guitarists). As you work on your vibrato, remember this: There are tons of different ways to play vibrato. For example, neoclassical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen has a slow and wide vibrato, while blues guitarist B.B. King has a very fast and narrow vibrato. Think about what sounds best to you, and focus on developing that sound within your style. To get started improving your vibrato technique, practice using it while playing over backing tracks or during your favorite songs. If you want to develop your vibrato much more quickly, work together with a good guitar teacher. Additionally, remember to use vibrato on bent and unbent notes.

String Bending:

Any great lead guitarist with good phrasing is also a master of creative string bending. Make sure not to overlook this crucial phrasing element in your own playing. By combining string bending along with vibrato, you will achieve maximum self-expression in your playing. The great part about this technique, is that there are countless ways to creatively bend notes. You can bend a half step, a full step, microtonally, with ghost bends, bend and release, plus countless other variations. Some players, such as Marty Friedman, bend their notes beginning from out of the key (such a half step below a tone of the scale) to a note that is ‘in key’. This creates a highly exotic sound. A creative and well-timed bend will instantly grab a listeners’ attention, however you must always keep these things in mind:

First, you must make sure you are always keeping your bends in tune. If you release your bends a little too flat or sharp it will be very obvious – and it will NOT sound good! This is a very common mistake that most guitar players make. Work together with a guitar teacher who can hear whether you are in tune or not and keep your playing on the right track.

Second, don’t use the same types of bends all the time. Begin by playing half step bends and move on to include various other types, such as ghost bends and varying the rate at which you bend the string. Work to perfect each type with all fingers on your fret hand. Support the finger that is doing the bending with any remaining fingers you have available, to gain better control.

Third, pay close attention to the bends of your favorite players and copy the licks they use to get a feel for their style. Then work with a guitar teacher to get help with applying your bends into a musical context as creatively as possible.


By using ornamentation in your guitar playing, you can make every note massively more creative and interesting for the listener. Ornamentation is the general idea of using techniques to ’embellish’ a note.

One way to do this is to use a trill. Trills are (generally speaking) rapid alternations between one note and another using hammer ons and pull offs. Trills were commonly used throughout the Classical music era and have also been used in rock music by many guitarists. The main idea here is to add more interest to the way you phrase your notes, so that they are always attention-grabbing. Another way to embellish your notes, is to play artificial harmonics with your pick. A great artificial harmonic can create a screaming effect, causing your notes to sound much higher in pitch. This will make them stand out from the other notes you are playing. Additionally, using your fingers to create natural harmonics over the fretboard can sound very creative (especially when combined with a tremolo bar). There are endless other embellishing techniques that could be discussed – however, these ones are a good start. It’s more important to master a few ideas first, so that you don’t overload yourself with too much information at once.

So far, you’ve only learned 3 key elements for playing with good guitar phrasing. In the next part of this article series, you will learn new elements to make your lead guitar playing even more unique and self-expressive.

Nick Layton has many years of experience as a professional guitarist and songwriter. He has also written rock guitar phrasing courses to help guitarists around the world improve their soloing.

Interview With Richard Hilton, Musical Arranger and Keyboardist From Chic


The best things about playing in CHIC include getting to make music with some of the finest musicians I’ve ever known, including the band we’ve had for the past five years, and getting the opportunity to share in the happiness of the audience. I’ve also gotten to see a lot of really amazing places that I’d likely never have seen otherwise.


The rigors of travel, which are at an all-time high these days.


I started working with Nile in March of 1988. I had been interviewing for about two years for a number of different jobs with a company called “New England Digital” that made a proprietary computer music instrument called the Synclavier. They never did hire me, but when Nile Rodgers called them (being a user of their instrument) asking about a qualified programmer who could play keyboards, they kindly recommended me and that was it, I was in.


When I started with Nile, I was teaching at a small college and going back to grad school to get a master’s degree. I hope to get back to teaching someday. I’m very keen to work with young people.


A tireless dedication to delivering the best possible show every night. There’s a lot of trust and love on the stage, and it seems to translate to the audience, based on the things they say to me. One cannot underestimate the value of the amazing repertoire we’ve given to play as a major contributing factor to making all this possible.


I can’t talk about projects in progress.


Adequate, but not great. I do a lot of things pretty well, but maybe none of them “great”. The players in CHIC are all far more accomplished than I. My abilities are spread across a number of different disciplines in my job, so my playing technique sometimes doesn’t get the attention it might otherwise deserve. I’m lucky in that music has always come pretty easily to me.


Because I find the privilege of playing this music and sharing in the audience’s happiness to be quite overwhelming. Playing this music in CHIC is a pretty amazing thing, and I try to let that wash over me as much as possible while we’re doing it.


I’d try to tap less into anger and more into the love that I feel. There are a few other things specific to my relationships that I wish I’d done better.


I’m happy to be here now. I don’t think in terms of “what if” very much. That said, getting to hear Art Tatum, Beethoven, and Chopin play would’ve been very nice.


I’m really no good at favorites lists. I listen to and look at a lot of stuff and really like it. My list would number in the 100’s, and is not limited to a few particular styles of music and/or art.


Generally speaking, those who contribute with all their power to the degradation of society and people in it. Bigots, pretenders. People who didn’t work for it, and had it handed to them by society.


Learn more about the world, the people in it, and about my work. I do a lot of learning on my own, not limited to music subjects or technology. I like to cook, and to spend time with my wife and sons. I don’t watch a lot of TV – mainly some sports and historical stuff. I do read a lot and spend a lot of time with computers and devices.


More in mind than body, but yes, I find myself increasingly appalled by the world situation as I get older.


Yes I try to involve myself in the aspirations of young musicians as much as I can, I’m sure there’s a lot more I could do. I get involved as much as possible in my sons’ musical adventures, usually without actually directly participating with them. That takes a lot of forms; equipment advice and procurement help, attending shows, sometimes recording the shows. When they were in marching band, I was the unofficial videographer for the band, and posted videos so that the band could benefit from seeing their work.

As a fringe benefit, it turned out that band members’ families from all over the world were watching these videos to see their relatives performing at a high level. I got comments all the time about how “grandma in phoenix” watched every video and looked forward to them every week.

Also, because of my sons’ music, I meet a lot of young people here at the house, and we talk. I like to think they find me easy to talk to. I like talking to them.


This subject could fill a book but briefly it’s gone further down the rabbit hole caused by the democratization of the music-making process. Conversely, there has also been a resurgence of people interested in the live interaction between musicians, so that part is good. We’re still trying to recover from the affects of machine-driven music-making popularized in the 1980s and continued onward.


The angry, bitter, alienated side. At least, I hope they never see it. It’s not doing me (or them) any good at all.


I’m more aware of the role that I’m expected to fill as a performer, and more involved in embracing that for the benefit of the whole team. I trust more easily now, and forgive more easily.


I insist on keeping active with learning new things. I have a lot of competition for what I do out there from younger, hipper, more culturally-adept people, and the numbers are growing yearly. I meet them at college seminars and at trade shows.

I think the only way to stay current and involved is to continue to grow by bringing to bear my long experience in the business in combination with the knowledge and techniques I’m gaining now. A lot can be done today that, even just a few years ago, was considered impossible. I can’t stand still; I have to keep moving forward with knowledge to stay in the game at my age.


I always feel like there is something I could do or have done to make it better. I think being “satisfied with one’s work” is a harbinger of doom, artistically. That said if it all ended tomorrow, I’d walk away feeling like I’d had a pretty good run of it.


There’s nothing worth doing that isn’t worth doing well. If you call that perfectionism, then I guess so.


I have two amazing sons, James and Corey. James has just graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, cum laude, from Western Connecticut State University. He was awarded a special recognition from the MIS department for outstanding achievement. He is working in the computer field, and doing fantastically well.

Corey is attending Music College in Ithaca, NY. He is a recording student with percussion as his major instrument. In his first semester, he was made section leader of the symphonic band’s percussion section, and in both semesters he made dean’s list. He played a fantastic recital in his first year, and recorded dozens of concerts. He is also doing amazingly well, and is well appreciated by his teachers and his friends.


Find something you love to do, and find a way to make it fit into your life in an appropriate way. That may mean making a living at it, or it may not. Don’t allow others to define who you are and what you should be. Success, to me, is finding a place of comfort and happiness in one’s life without hurting theirs, however that manifests itself. It’s not about fame and fortune – I know far too many famous and wealthy people who are not happy.

Also, for me, having good relationships with people in the world, both at home and out “there”, also helps to balance one’s life and views. In my own life, it’s hugely important.

Note from author: I was lucky enough to be invited to see Chic perform at Kew Gardens in the summer of 2012. The music lifted me off the grass! I met Rich Hilton, one of the nicest, most unassuming guys you could meet, Richard’s joy on stage, and off, is infectious, and he and Nile Rodgers have worked together for decades. What a blessing for soul/funk/disco music lovers like me!

Alice Frances Wickham is a book and music reviewer, she runs a literary agency for new and emerging writers. Alice’s agency, New London Writers, is seeking fresh book proposals.